How the Dark Web started & History of Dark web

The dark web is the corner of the Internet where many illegal businesses run. The internet that we use is a really small the main web world, Guest Posting which is sometimes called Surface Web. The internet hidden under deep web it is called Deep Web. According to an estimate, about 90 percent of the net of the Internet is hidden (deep web).

Deep web contains every page that the common search engines cannot find such as user database, workplace set ups level website, payment gateway etc.

The dark web is the corner of this deep web where thousands of websites run anonymously many black markets.

It is very difficult to get out how many websites, how many dealers and buyers are there.

According to Pune Cyber

Cell DCP Sudhir Hiremath, “No one can guess the size of the dark web or the scale of the businesses running on it. But there were reports anytime the FBI closed ‘Silk Road’ for the first time. Only then did its business reach 120 million US dollars. inch

‘Silk Road’ was a huge drug market running on the dark web, which was first closed by the FBI in 2013.

When did the dark web start?

The Dark Web was started in the 1990s by the US Military, so that they could share their brains and no you could reach them. His strategy was to hide his message in the crowd’s conversation so that he released it among the general public.

Through the dark web, home delivery of poison and dangerous drugs like cyanide is done.

DCP Hiremath states that “all types of tools and contract killers are also found. It is also used to collect and send malware. inch

According to him, “The dark web is used most in The indian subcontinent for drugs, child porn and piracy. inch

Different countries have different numbers of local law and police extreme caution, so the trend of these illegal businesses also varies according to the country.

Dark web fraudsters are also deploying it because fake passports, driving the necessary licenses and other ID proofs can also be available on it.

On the dark web, cyber-terrorist possessing the trustworthiness of obtaining any kind of brains documents and tampering with government data are also found.

What is this great of the presence of terrorists also comes. It is said an organization that calls itself Islamic State, gathers donations and shares information through the dark web.

However, law enforcement refute its utilization in the context of The indian subcontinent in horror.

Very difficult to monitor

According to DCP Hiremath “There are special windows to access the dark web which are layer-by-layer protected like onions. inch

Explaining further, the DCP says that “the work on the open Internet and common search engines can be administered. Google tracks us everywhere but it is very difficult to criminal on the dark web. The dark web uses the internet. inch But they have software that hides the IP address of the computer. So that it is not visible to us and we are not able to reach the real user. inch

That is, law enforcement don’t know who is sitting on the dark web, what is selling or buying, or what is watching and showing.

This is why why law enforcement can’t completely stop the dark web which is just about the base of criminals.

Payment is done by bitcoin

The dark web is like be sure you market inside of it except that it is illegal and buying and selling things available on it is also a crime.

Amazon and Flipkart also offer offers and giveaways to entice and recreate customers — like one free with one, a few grams more.

Apart from this, you can also speak to all of those other users present there.

Payments are produced from cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is the digital currency in which digital code is available instead of note or coin.

Cryptocurrency is also very difficult to keep track of, therefore it is used indiscriminately in illegal activities.

Why does the dark web attract youth?

In The indian subcontinent, more than seven crore people are reported to be under arrest, although no official data exists. In 2016, the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment had told that the government is going to conduct a survey with AIIMS, whoever data will be available in 2018.

The Dark Web gives young people the three things they are looking for — adventure, anonymity and variety (risk, hidden convenience and options).

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